Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Think cosmetic surgery is just for women? Think again. Cosmetic surgery procedures have become much more popular among men in recent years, and men now make up a sizable portion of our clients.

There are many reasons why men in Atlanta and all of Georgia choose to have cosmetic procedures at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery. Many of our patients have expressed a desire to rejuvenate their facial features so they can remain competitive at their workplaces in our increasingly youth-oriented society. Men also find themselves in better shape later in life, through increased attention to diet and exercise, and therefore desire a more youthful facial appearance to better reflect their mental and physical vigor. Additionally, many men are unhappy with the shape of their noses, the prominence of their ears, or the “weakness” of their chins and wish to pursue facial sculpting to increase the attractiveness of their facial features.

Every facial rejuvenation and facial sculpting surgery available to women at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery is also available to our male patients. Men increasingly find they benefit from facelift, browlift, eyelid surgery and necklift. Liposuction in the neck area may complement lifting and re-contouring of the lower face and chin. Obviously, when we perform facial surgery on a man, our goals are quite different, as men generally do not want their faces “feminized.” Special care is taken to insure that the skin does not have a tight or pulled appearance. We do not try to arch the brows or slim the nose too much. Men tend to want straighter, stronger, more angular facial features than women do, and at the Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery Center, our techniques are altered to accommodate these objectives.

Men also benefit from non-surgical facial procedures such as Botox, injectable fillers and improved skin care. These procedures are performed in the office with little or no down time and often provide dramatic improvement.

To learn more about cosmetic surgery for men available at Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, please contact us today to schedule your appointment.